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Ever wonder what would happen if you would let go of the traditional way of quadcopter production and mix in some decent German engineering? Well, here is the answer: “Airpunk-RC X-Bow”

By letting go of the design restriction that a frame must be cut out of a piece of flat carbon sheet a lot of mechanical optimizations are suddenly available, like double curved arms to achieve stronger and stiffer geometries, lowering the motors to improve the center of gravity and add or remove material on critical location.

The frames are 100% handmade in Germany and because they are handmade, we are able to combine advanced materials like T700S carbon with Innegra and optimize fiber direction for maximum strength. With only 46 grams of weight it is one of the lightest 5-inch frames on the market without sacrificing to much durability.


Material & Engineering

The shape of the frame does not allow the traditional way off CNC cutting the material from a standard sheet of carbon fiber like most quadcopter frames. Therefore, the frame is built by hand from pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheets (Prepregs) which later are cured in a autoclave.  

And although this is a time-consuming process it also provides the freedom to have full control over the fiber orientation and materials used. After a lot of testing different combinations this has resulted in an optimized and well-balanced frame.

The frame combination of the following materials:

Toray® T700S, is the highest tensile strength, standard modulus carbon fiber available in the industry.
Innegra™ high-modulus polypropylene. Innegra is the lightest fiber commercially available. It’s high flexibility and ductility makes it virtually ”unbreakable”. It is commonly used in combination with other fibers (primarily glass, basalt, carbon) to expand the performance of existing materials by reducing brittleness, damage tolerance and puncture resistance.
DT120 is a highly toughened epoxy thermosetting resin system, making it suitable for structural applications requiring high impact performance and energy absorption.

Combining the stiffness and relative brittleness of carbon to the high-ductility and pliability of polypropylene, the different fiber properties complement each other for exceptional impact and perforation resistance — providing better material integrity as compare to traditional composites rupture mode (does not fully break, ductile mode of rupture)

*Innegra™ is a trademark of Innegra Technologies, LLC
*Toray® is a trademark of Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.

Dimensions (lxbxh) : 187x187x45 mm
Motor-to-motor     : 220 mm
Type                         : True-X Weight*                     : +/- 46 grams
Motor pattern*        : 16×19 mm
Screws                      : M3x6 Titanium Standoffs                 : 6061 Aluminum

* Weight incl. spacers, screws, canopy and camera holders

Airpunk-RC Crossbow X-Bow Geometry


From basic mechanics it is well known that a curved surface is more stabil than a flat surface, and a surface curved in more than one direction is more stable than one is in one direction.

Based on that basic principle and by using high quality materials like T700 High tensile strength carbon fiber and Innegra HMPP a high-performance fiber we can reduce the weight of the frame without sacrificing the stiffness and strength of it.

With only 46 grams of weight it is one of the lightest 5-inch frames on the market without sacrificing durability. Also, by bending the arms downwards the center of gravity (CGI) moves up which results in a more neutral flight characteristic.

Production & Engineering

The production is for 100% done here in Germany by a company that has a long history in production of carbon fiber parts in the automotive, aviation and high-end model planes. The prepreg layup of the frames in completely done by hand due to the complex shape and specific fiber orientation. After curing the frames in an Autoclave at 120 °C the frames are CNC milled to accommodate the Flight controller, standoffs and motors.

Design, engineering and testing is also done in the west of Germany close to the Dutch border.

Airpunk-RC Production