Crossbow Frame


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Product Description

The Airpunk-RC Crossbow frame is one off the lightest 5-inch quadcopter frames on the market today without sacrificing on stiffness and durability.

The way that is accomplished is a combination of the geometry and the used materials.

Geometry: By curving the surfaces of the complete frame, the stiffness improves significantly and because the arms are curved downwards, the center of gravity (CoG) comes up and improves the balance of the quad.

Materials: The frame is a composite of Toray® T700S, which is the highest tensile strength, standard modulus carbon fiber available in the industry and two thin sheets of Innegra™ high-modulus polypropylene. Innegra is the lightest fiber commercially available. It’s high flexibility and ductility expands the performance of existing materials by reducing brittleness, damage tolerance and puncture resistance.

The prepreg layup of the frames in completely done by hand due to the complex shape and specific fiber orientation. After curing the frames in an Autoclave at 120 °C @ 6 Bar the frames are CNC milled to accommodate the Flight controller, standoffs and motors.


Dimensions (lxbxh)          : 187x187x45 mm
Motor-to-motor               : 220 mm
Type : True-X Weight*     : +/- 46 grams
Motor pattern**               : 16×16 mm – 19×19 mm
Screws                             : M3x6 Titanium
Standoffs                         : 6061 Aluminum
Propeller                          : 5.1 inch propellers
FC Mounting Holes         : 30.5×30.5 mm
CAM                                 : Micro (19 mm)

* Weight incl. spacers, screws, canopy and camera holders
** Only for motors where the retaining screw or C-clip do not stick out of the bottom (like Emax RSII-2306 / Karearea TOA for example)

Package Included:

1 pc     Crossbow unibody Frame
1 pc     Crossbow Full-Carbon Canopy
4 pcs   Aluminum standoffs 25 mm
8 pcs   Titanium M3x6 screws
1 set     3D printed camera holders
1 pc      3D printed antenna holder
1 pc      Full-Kevlar Battery strap